“The number one problem in today's generation and economy is lack of Financial literacy.”

Alan Greenspan

(Former Chairman of US Federal Reserve)


Per HBR 2017 research of High Performance CEOs

  71% of top 100 are non-MBAs

Business Acumen is what got them there. We unbox it for you here



The FUNdamentals



Life-blood of business

Business Drivers

& Planning

Drive value up & be
future ready

In collaboration with world’s leading educators and innovative content providers, we designed Mastery of Business Acumen workshop series to transform Financial literacy levels (FLiQ score) and enable high performance.

Who is it for?

Measure your Financial Literacy with FLiQTM    Score

Research confirms that Financial Literacy is a good predictor of business/ career performance.

Low Financial literacy employees tend to be disconnected from
Financial imperatives.


Low FLiQ Score


High FLiQ Score


High Financial literacy employees are deliberate with their decisions and actions concerning operational performance, "thus bettering employer’s financial performance"

Transform Financial Literacy with our Workshops and achieve High performance

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Color Accounting method; the shortest, simplest, surest and most fun

way to develop Business Acumen & Financial Communication skills.

Why we are more effective than traditional methods

01We start right at the foundation

Business Management knowledge starts with Accounting.

“You have to understand accounting and you have to understand the nuances of accounting. It’s the language of business and it’s an imperfect language, but unless you are willing to put in the effort to learn accounting—how to read and interpret financial statements— you really shouldn’t select stocks yourself.”



02We are visual

When you see it, you get it and never forget.

BaSISTM (Balance Sheet, Income Statement) is an innovative framework created by the founders of Color Accounting International. It is unique to Color Accounting workshops.

The learner is introduced to the 5 foundational & connected components of Accounting in a deliberate, unforgettable manner so as to unravel their role and importance. This installs a strong leverageable foundation, applicable in all personal and business finance contexts. The learner then segues into Financial analysis, as a natural evolution of earlier acquired Accounting knowledge.


We are easy to comprehend

Simplified language, colors for intuitive association, and storyboard
narrative for immersive learning. This ensures the learner moves from
being awkward, to being very comfortable and confident with the


We are fun & popular

Visit Color Accounting to learn how we are winning hearts.


Our wealth of experience with businesses across the world gives us a unique perspective on skills and traits needed to succeed as an employee/ professional/ leader/ entrepreneur. We turned this into a recipe enriching the workshops.

Connect with our Workshopsarrow1

1. Achieve employee alignment.

2. Transform employee skills & performance.


Become a

High Performance Business

1. Overcome fear of Finance.

2. Develop skills in Finance,
Finance communication &
decision making.



Higher career/Business growth

1. Improve instructional quality.

2. Achieve higher student outcomes



Satisfaction, Demand & Ranking

We Recommend


(8 - 12 hours)

Finance for Non-Finance people


(8 hours)

Business drivers & Planning

The Mastery of Business AcumenTM short-duration workshop series have been purpose designed to enable individuals(and businesses, by extension) gain real-world Financial & Essential Business Management skills and turn on ‘high performance mode’

Our workshops are scheduled over 1- 2 days depending on the participant’s background and custom requirements.

We currently offer


Workshops can be delivered on-line or in person across all major cities of India. We run open sessions in Hyderabad and Bengaluru. Please check here for our next session.

For international locations, we’d be glad to connect you with the concerned Color Accounting representative. Please drop us a line with your requirement and other details.

The workshop is exclusively based on the Color accounting system.

Learning Outcomes

Day 1 (Full Day)

a.     Build 5 foundational components of Accounting(Assets, Liabilities, Equity, Expenses and Income) and understand their inter-connectivity through BaSIS TM framework.

b.     Develop a deep understanding of Balance Sheet & derive the Income statement.

c.     Understand the value cycle of Business

d.     Segue into Financial analysis identifying potential risk areas and opportunities for improvements.

e.     Financial communication.

Day 2 (Full Day)

a.     Identify drivers of cash flow, and how they are reported on the cash flow statement.

b.     Prepare Budget and Forecasts

Pre-Requisites: “Finance for Non-Financial people” workshop.

Learning Outcomes

Day 1 (Full Day)

a.     What are business drivers ? Why are they important ? How are they measured ?

b.     Whatare KPIs ? How are the operational side of the business and financial side mathematically wired ?

c.     Connecting Strategic goals and business planning. Employee engagement through driver based planning.

d.     Budgets, Performance tracking and analysis

e.     What-if scenarios.

f.     What is connected/ active/ dynamic/ integrated business planning ?

g.     Intro to modern Business planning platforms.

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